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ver the years many of the same questions pop up from excited and exasperated gardeners who are looking for practical ideas and tested solutions to common gardening challenges. “How do I feed and mulch my soil?”, “Why is there fuzzy white stuff on my zucchini leaves?” and “What can I do about the @#$%%&* squirrels?!” We share many of the same challenges and we think the BUFCO blog is an inviting, helpful place for you to find some answers, new ideas and a little inspiration.

There will always be something new for us to share so please check in often and let us know what you think. If you have questions, requests for specific posts, or want to share your own great ideas, please do send them our way. We’d love to hear from you!

Our Mission: To INSPIRE Urbanites to Grow Their Own Food and Reconnect With Nature

| Arlene |
As BUFCO heads into its fifteenth year, I reflect back on our metamorphosis from mindless consumers to conscious producers. We were driven by a need to connect with the land, to get back to ba…

Why I Grow My Own Food

| Arlene |
Why do you grow your own food? This was a question I posed to workshop participants this winter. I was not at all surprised to hear the wide variety of enthusiastic answers. Take a deeper dive int…

Straw Bale Gardening

| Debbie |
We are always looking for new ways to garden in underutilized urban spaces, and our yard is the perfect venue for experimentation. We operate in the corner of a parking lot in a pretty industr…

Down the Rabbit Hole: The Year of Growing Food for my Bunny

| Debbie |
Between BUFCO’s staff gardens, my CSA share from Luminous Ground Farm, my own produce needs are sufficiently met. But this causes two problems (1) my own backyard gets neglected, (2) the cutest …

Bee-Friendly Garden Care

| Luisa |
Can our urban perennial gardens provide an opportunity for ecological conservation? We truly believe so! Traditionally, the focus of ornamental gardens has been mainly aesthetic and little tho…

Join the Cold Hardy Craze

| Julia |
You may be wondering why we are so keen on getting the ball rolling in the garden as early as April. It almost feels too soon and there is still the occasional frost or snowfall, so it doesn’t a…


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