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Design Ignite your imagination and transform your outdoor spaces
Build Relax, play, dine and grow in a landscape built with nature in mind
Plant Enjoy incredible, edible and ornamental plantscapes
Maintain Rest assured. Our expert team takes care of everything spring, summer and fall.

Our award-winning team of Organic Landcare Professionals use sound ecological practices that include the use of locally sourced lumber and materials, native plants, certified organic soil amendments and better water management solutions.


We guide you through the design process to unearth your objectives and help you consider your unique space from an ecological, functional and aesthetic perspective. We start with a site visit and conversation to determine how you want your space to function, how you want it to look and feel, and explore how it can become a thriving ecosystem that not only addresses your aesthetic and practical priorities, but also attracts and supports native pollinators, feeds the soil, and contributes to your health, the health of your family, and the overall health of the surrounding environment.

Design Objectives

Residential Concept Plan

Native Pollinator Planting Plan

3D Visualization

3D Visualization



From modest to expansive residential renovations, or full-scale commercial landscapes, we work with nature and partner with like-minded, local craftspeople and suppliers to build your vision from the ground up. Our full range of landscaping services include fences, decks, raised garden beds, pergolas, sheds and potting tables; patios, walkways, retaining walls and permeable paver installations; greenhouses, rain barrels and rain garden installations; as well as irrigation and lighting.


We bring residential and commercial spaces to life using ecological and best regenerative land care practices. Our long-term relationships with local growers enable us to provide you with plant material of the highest quality that will thrive for years to come. We invite you to join us in the planting process and learn from our certified Organic Master Gardeners who have a great depth of knowledge to share and love to answer questions, provide education, guidance and coaching.


From early spring to well past last frost, we care for your garden as it if were our own. We blend current, science-based information with ancient practices inspired by Indigenous knowledge to tend your garden naturally and without the use of synthetic chemicals. We have an established soil feeding protocol that includes vermicompost and other inputs approved for organic gardening. We water, weed, mulch, stake, prune, trellis, harvest, reseed, and replant as necessary, all while trouble shooting common garden pests, diseases, and soil and plant deficiencies.

Now accepting new clients. Please contact us to set up a complimentary site visit.


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