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Join the Cold Hardy Craze

| Julia |
You may be wondering why we are so keen on getting the ball rolling in the garden as early as April. It almost feels too soon and there is still the occasional frost or snowfall, so it doesn’t a…

Soil is Alive! Feed Your Hungry Soil

| Julia |
Soil is more than just dirt. It is complex community; an interdependent ecosystem of living organisms that relies on a variety of symbiotic, mutually beneficial relationships that occur betwee…

Get Seed-Savvy! Tips and Tricks from a BUFCO Gardener

| Julia |
The part of Julia’s garden dubbed, “North Jungle” Have you been considering trying your hand at growing fruit, veggies and fl…

Support Your Local Pollinators – and they will support you!

Pollinators range from butterflies, bees, beetles, small mammals, birds and bats that are responsible for facilitating 90% of the pollination of our world’s flowering plants. They may feed off poll…

Author: Julia

Julia (they/them) is an Organic Master Gardener who previously graduated from Queen’s University in printmaking and art history. Julia joined the BUFCO team after working at organic grocery stores and farmer’s markets, building rammed earth houses, and designing vegetable gardens. In their spare time, Julia can be found tending their own backyard veggie patch, playing music and cooking for friends.
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