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Year-Round Programming We provide year-round programming that is specially tailored to the needs and desires of your unique gardening community.
For Any Community From schools to grassroots communities and corporations to condominiums, we inspire, educate and enable your organization to grow together with hands-on or hands-off programming.
Community Garden Support BUFCO offers weekly, biweekly, monthly, or occasional visits to support your garden community with Workshops, Planting Parties and Work Bees.

Workshops for your group

Book one of our popular workshops for your group. We can tailor our organic gardenning programming for your school, community garden, corporate lunch and learn, and so much more.

Backyard Urban Farming for Beginners (3-Part Series)

Transform yourself from consumer to producer in this popular three-part workshop. We start with a brief exploration of Urban Agriculture and how it is transforming cities all over the world. From there, we dive in to everything from site exploration to plant families to companion planting and crop rotation. One unit focuses on gardening infrastructure, including in-ground vs. raised bed gardening. Join us and nurture your inner urban farmer!

Start Your Own Vegetable Seedlings Indoors

January-April, Recommended
Learn how to start your own vegetable seedlings indoors. This workshop will cover everything you need to know including soil and lighting requirements, when to plant each variety, feeding, potting up, organic pest controls and hardening off in preparation for planting outside.

Grow Your Own Microgreens

Does being able to grow and eat fresh greens all-year long, indoors with minimal effort required pique your interest? If YES, let us teach you all about the wonderful world of microgreens! Microgreens are nutrition packed powerhouses that taste great and can be added to any meal, or eaten on their own. Once you learn how to grow microgreens, you’ll be able to grow fresh greens all year long!

Community Gardening 101


In this workshop we introduce participants to the various models of gardening in large groups.  We’ll discuss how to envision the garden, how to decide on group projects, share tasks and responsibilities and keep people accountable, motivated, and involved throughout the growing season and beyond.

Garden Planning (2-Part Series)


This 2-part workshop teaches the basics of how to plan an organic vegetable garden while igniting your imagination and passion for growing food and reconnecting with nature. Participants will learn where, what and when to plant and gain independence in the creation of their own garden plans.

Cold Hardy Plants


How early in the season can a vegetable garden be planted? Early! Knowing when and how to plant cold-loving plants is the key to success. We’ll show participants how to get the most out of the early growing season so they can amaze and feed their friends and family with baskets full of beautiful, bountiful cold-hardy foods that are harvested as early as the beginning of May!

Heat Loving Plants


Bring on the sunshine! Some plants don’t like the cold and thrive in the hot summer sun. Knowing when to start and how to plant and care for heat-loving crops is an important skill to learn. We’ll teach participants everything they need to know about successfully growing these delicious and rewarding crops that they’ll enjoy in abundance.

What is a Native Pollinator Garden?


By creating a space that attracts bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects we will have a more successful vegetable garden, while at the same time, helping to save our planet. In this workshop, participants will learn all about pollination and how to plan and plant a pollinator garden that will attract these beautiful gardening allies.

Soil Health Management

May-October, Recommended

The key to thriving ecosystems and a healthy food supply for all living things starts with biodiverse soil. We simplify the complexities of soil science by introducing participants to The Soil Food Web to gain a basic understanding of this fascinating interconnected underground community. Also covered are simple soil feeding strategies that can be applied to any home or community garden.

Vegetable Garden Maintenance Best Practices

May-August, Recommended

Regular observation and maintenance is crucial to a healthy, happy garden. From weeding, watering and pruning, to staking, trellising and feeding the soil, we’ll show participants how to add structure to their garden maintenance and learn how to keep their crops healthy and high yielding.

Planning and Planting a Winter Garden


August in Toronto is often sweltering hot and winter seems a long way off, but late summer is the perfect time to plant seeds meant for a cool weather harvest.  This workshop shows participants how to extend their growing season by planting cold hardy crops and how to protect them from first frost using hoop tunnels and cold frames.

Garlic Planting & Putting Your Garden to Bed


Reducing weeds and improving soil health are just two of the benefits of properly closing down your garden for winter. This is also the optimal time to plant garlic.  In this workshop participants will learn how to grow garlic and put their gardens to bed at the end of the season.

Contact us to book one of our existing workshops or discuss a custom solution for your group.


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