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Garden Coaching and Consulting

We are Organic Master Gardeners Our friendly and expert gardening team will help you grow your own vegetable garden weekly, biweekly, monthly or once in a while.
All Types of Clients Our gardening services suit clients of all levels of experience and interest from Do-It-Yourselfers who want to dig in, to garden-lovers who would rather we Do-It-For-You.
All Kinds of Gardens We can garden in any space: large or small, whether growing in the ground, on a rooftop or in raised garden beds. All you need is a minimum of 4 hours of direct sun daily.
Organically Grown We follow Mother Nature’s lead and use organic practices and inputs in all our gardens.

Garden Coaching and Consulting

When it comes to gardening there are no silly questions. Consultations with our expert Organic Master Gardeners will open your eyes and put your mind at ease, whether it’s over the phone or in your own backyard.

Virtual Garden Coaching

For novices and experienced gardeners alike, we offer expert, personalized, one-on-one virtual coaching sessions. Walk us through your garden via FaceTime or Zoom and we will provide practical information, encouragement and support, share tips and tricks, and help you find answers to all your burning questions: “Where should I put my raised bed?”, “What should I plant and when?”, “What do I need to get started?”, “How can I keep squirrels out?”, “How much should I water?”, “How do I feed my soil?”, “How do I prune my tomatoes?” and “What the heck is that plant?!”

$75 per half hour, ½ hour minimum

Virtual Coaching

On-Site Consulting

For gardeners of all experience levels, we offer on-site, personalized, one-on-one coaching on everything from garden planning and planting, to maintenance, trouble shooting, and finding organic solutions to garden pests, diseases, plant and soil deficiencies.

$200 + $45 Vehicle/Fuel/Tools, 1 hour minimum
$120/hr after first hour

On-Site Consulting


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