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BUFCO was established in 2009 with the goal of feeding your urge to grow. Since then we have had the honour of working with garden-lovers of all description. Thank you for joining us on our journey. We are grateful for all those who inspire us to inspire urbanites to grow their own food and reconnect with nature. If you are a satisfied BUFCO customer or client, we highly appreciate 5-star reviews on Google.


We’ve worked with Arlene and Marc at The Backyard Urban Farm Company from the start of our organic school garden at Ossington Old Orchard Public School…We always buy their consistently hearty and successful seedlings… BUFCO has taught a generation of parents, kids and teachers at the school pretty much everything we know about creating a thriving growing space. Today, our innovative school garden is a place that our community is justly proud of, and BUFCO has been a huge part of its success.”

Workshop Participant

I could have listened to this presentation for many more hours!”
— Anonymous Workshop Participant


We would highly recommend the Backyard Urban Farm Company Team to anyone who is interested in ecological and sustainable garden projects. Both the owners and their team are very knowledgeable and helpful with an incredible work ethic.”
— Katrine S., BUFCO Client


This garden is one of the best things I’ve seen, and my heart is just going out to you because I thought I would never be able to garden again. It was something that had been taken away from me, and I was very angry!”
— Dorothy, Resident at Lakeside Long Term Care during a demonstration of the Wheelchair Accessible Garden Bed


Just want to let you know that the raised beds are installed and vegetables are planted. The guys did a great job and are very easy to work with. I’m very happy with the results. Within hours after we finished the work, people passing by our front yard started to tell me how nice our garden looked.”
— Sam D., BUFCO Client and Square Post Bed installation


Thank you for giving us veggies!!! Stephen and I loved, loved, loved our garden and can’t wait for the new season to start in the spring.”
— Gabriole J., BUFCO Client

Seedling Customer

The seedlings I got were amazing, they grew into massive bushes.”
— Anonymous Certified Organic Seedlings customer


Marc and Arlene got us started over five years ago and we have been delighted with the results ever since: ultra-fresh vegetables picked just after we get home from work, and on the table for dinner! Arlene has assisted us every year with selecting interesting new varieties of beans, greens, and tomatoes – her enthusiasm is contagious and we have really enjoyed working with BUFCO!”
— Jane W., BUFCO Client

Seedling Customer

You are wonderful people (have taken your workshops) with great products (excellent quality and sourcing) Thank you.”


Just wanted to thank you and the guys who delivered and explained over and over again how to build the garden bed. I really appreciated the extra help. We love our new garden and my daughter is having blast growing seeds and getting it ready. Thank you!”
— Nora B., purchased DIY Raised Bed Kit

Survey Response

I really want to support local, organic, low carbon. Happy to support BUFCO in any situation where it can fulfill those criteria. Thank you! :)”
— Anonymous survey respondent


I just wanted to let you know what amazing girls you have working for you. They were so helpful and kind and awesome. Really liked having them around. They did so much for us. Took their time and were super sweet.”
— Angie, BUFCO Client


The garden box has been wonderful! We had a family dinner party here last weekend and we all had strawberries, peas, and lettuce fresh from the garden. Very exciting for the grandkids to see where food really comes from!”
— Fran C., BUFCO Client

Seedling Customer

Really appreciated all of the friendly and helpful interactions with staff that I experienced every time I ordered something, and the zoom garden consult option :)!”


I want to thank Backyard Urban Farm Company for their wonderful talk at the Toronto Botanical Gardens a couple weeks back on Indoor Edibles. I am now growing my first large batch of microgreens and they are almost ready for harvest. Microgreens have something like 40 times the nutritional value of mature leaves. And they are harvested about 7 days after germination.”
— Jamie F., Workshop Participant


SO happy with our custom BUFCO beds and our very first deck garden!”
— Cori, Custom Installation Client

Seedling Customer

This is a long overdue THANK YOU. This year we placed an order with you and we were so pleased with everything that we got. Everything was a hi despite the crazy heat. We had great success with all the products and wanted to say thank you and we will certainly be in touch in the new year for another order.”


I wanted to let you both know how much I am enjoying my new garden bed. It is really beautiful. The installation was professional on every level and every detail was considered. On top of it all, my garden beds were filled with all of the gorgeous soil that wasn’t put into the raised bed! Debbie’s garden plan has worked out beautifully and has put me on the right path for my first growing season. It has been a wonderful experience from start to finish. Thank you.”
— Victoria A., BUFCO Client


My new raised bed is lovely and [Lead Installer] Lukas was so knowledgeable and accommodating. Thank you – really appreciate your customer service and your communication.”
— Judy, Installation Client


I wanted to let you know how completely satisfied I was with the process from beginning to end. Your entire team was professional, friendly and knowledgeable. The beds themselves with the pea gravel look just BEAUTIFUL and everything is exactly as promised. I used to look out there and feel pulled down but now, it’s a buzzing, green, productive and beautiful patch. For sure, I have a lot of learning to do… But what a great process. Thank you again for everything. ”
— Carolyn S., BUFCO Client

Chang Family

We loved picking veggies from our BUFCO garden all summer. The staff did a great job maintaining the gardens. Our abundant supply of veggies kept the kids picking all summer. Thank you BUFCO!”
— Chang Family, BUFCO Client


I have been growing heirloom tomatoes, several varieties of lettuce and other vegetables in my community garden plot here in Toronto for 15+ years. Quality product, great service and availability are the most important things I look for when I am choosing what to plant in my garden and where to buy it. Arlene and her staff at BUFCO have always delivered with their quality seedling selections and great advice. Recommended.”
— Brian


I saw your presentation in Guelph (Organic Conference) this past weekend, it was great. I loved that you are inspiring the neighbourhood children to grow and know where their food comes from. My husband and I grow a lot of our own food, I keep a market style garden in the warm months, we raise cattle and have chickens. We are also beekeepers and keep 17 hives currently.”
— Lisa S.


I would like to thank you and your wonderful team for providing me and my family with a (without meaning to sound dramatic), life-altering experience in setting up, watching and then reaping the bounty of our new backyard garden. The whole experience was a joy from start to finish. Your “gang” taught me something new every time they paid us a visit and it was truly a pleasure to work with them.”
— Sue H., BUFCO Client


BUFCO Newsletters always make my day!”
— Sarah G.


I’m so excited to have my little balcony garden started today. Thanks for being so helpful and being patient with us to explain all of our questions.”
— Anonymous


We love the idea that your business grew from your passion and deliberate lifestyle decision to contribute to a healthier planet. Thank you for allowing us to contribute too.”
— Anonymous


You did send me your best workers on Tuesday. I enjoyed working with Grayson and River very much. They are both very polite, courteous and respectful of my place. They are a good team. Every step of the way Grayson checked in with me to see if this is what I wanted. This is A star quality! (I encountered bad experience in the past in terms of contractor working in my home.)

I am very pleased with the end result. I am glad that I am getting the Eastern White Cedar. My garden looks more than 100 times better before. My money is well spent and of good value. It’s 5 stars out of 5.”
— Flavia P, Installations Client


I had the garden bed installed on Wednesday and I’m so happy with it.  The workmanship is impressive.  Definitely better than anything I could have done.  My husband even mentioned how good the quality was and workmanship.  Many people have been around and commenting also about it.  My neighbours are definitely going to watch how things progress with the garden this year.  Hopefully it encourages more people to have one.”
— Monica M., BUFCO Client


Thanks for the wonderful workshop! My friends were all so grateful for your advice, insight and experience. I’m glad that we were able to make this happen!!”
— Rachel, Workshop Participant


I love you guys. Thank you for all that you do and enable us with gardening and for your phenomenal team’s knowledge and customer care.”
— Seedling Customer


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