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Our Mission: To INSPIRE Urbanites to Grow Their Own Food and Reconnect With Nature

| Arlene |
As BUFCO heads into its fifteenth year, I reflect back on our metamorphosis from mindless consumers to conscious producers. We were driven by a need to connect with the land, to get back to ba…

Why I Grow My Own Food

| Arlene |
Why do you grow your own food? This was a question I posed to workshop participants this winter. I was not at all surprised to hear the wide variety of enthusiastic answers. Take a deeper dive int…

Native Pollinator Gardens 101

| Arlene |
There has been so much talk lately about pollinator gardens and happily throughout the city you can see many budding results of this important conversation. Thanks in part to Project Swallowtail…

Seed Saving is an Act of Hope

Garlic chives going to seed Like many gardeners I go kicking and screaming into winter. Grey skies, slushy sidewalks and shor…

Harvest Know-How

| Arlene |
When to harvest? Before the squirrels do! September is upon us and overflowing baskets of garden goodies are everywhere. But harvesting in Zones 5 and 6 is not just an autumn endeavour. It’s a seas…

Goodnight Gardens – Feed the Soil that Feeds You

Autumn is a bittersweet time of year. The days are getting noticeably shorter yet garden-weary plant-lovers can now look forward to a winter rest. But before that can happen there is much to be don…

Author: Arlene

Arlene (she/her) is an avid gardener and life-long learner who loves to share her knowledge. She is an Organic Master Gardener and Accredited Organic Land Care Practitioner with SOUL (Society for Organic Urban Landcare). Arlene is also an Emmy award winning television director and writer.


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