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Custom Raised Garden Beds

Why Raised Beds From beautifying and organizing your space, to reducing physical impact while gardening, to growing more food in less space, there is a long list of great reasons for choosing raised beds for your garden.
Eastern White Cedar All BUFCO raised garden beds are hand crafted using Eastern White Cedar, a locally sourced, responsibly harvested and sustainable wood that offers excellent rot resistance.
Garden on any surface Beds can be installed as open-bottomed boxes exposed to the soil below, or with a bed base for use on hard surfaces such as a patio or driveway.
Installed by our Expert Team Installation services are managed by our experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly crew, and includes everything from soil to full clean up.

Custom Raised Garden Beds

Gardening is certainly not a one-size-fits-all scenario. In order to address so many different folks and their many different strokes, BUFCO offers an array of options for those who need something outside the standard 4’ x 4’ or 4’ x 8’ box. Let us know what dimensions would work best for you, and we’ll help make it happen!

Deluxe Bed on Wheels

2’x8′ Deluxe Series Raised Bed on Wheels

Square Post Series Bed with Trim

Custom Deluxe Bed with Base

Custom Raised Beds

Customized beds are available upon request, offering different dimensions that address different installation requirements such as fitting in to a limited or pre-defined space, or to address size and weight restrictions for a rooftop or deck installation. Most typically, custom beds include specific sizes, and often include bed bases and wheels.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements, and for a quote.

Custom Raised Beds

Pea Gravel and Mulch Pads

Sometimes, raised garden beds installed in a lawn just doesn’t cut it, aesthetically speaking. We can help, with the establishment of a space that surrounds your garden, helping to define the garden from the rest of the yard. We offer the two most commonly requested materials, either a natural (undyed) cedar mulch, or pea gravel.

Prices vary depending on your desired material, and the size of the area to be established. Please contact us for a quote.

Pea Gravel Pad

Cedar Mulch Pad

Pea Gravel Pad

Cedar Mulch Pad

Gravel and Mulch Pads

Square Post Series Bench

Hex Series Bench

Signature Series Bench

Custom Bench

Seating Areas

Our benches are designed to match whatever style of BUFCO raised garden bed you have. It’ll be the perfect accent to your new vegetable garden.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements, and for a quote.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I choose cedar mulch instead of pea gravel, vice versa?

The main differences between the two options include

  • Price (pea gravel is the more expensive)
  • Aesthetics
  • Maintenance – pea gravel is basically maintenance free for years to come. Cedar mulch will need topping up every one to two years. Additionally, as the mulch breaks down, it leaves behind a growing medium that can host weeds.
  • Cedar mulch smells just beautiful! Pea gravel, not so much.
  • Cedar is a natural insect repellent, so it can reduce the presence of mosquitoes, although not to any huge extent.
Why only natural, undyed cedar mulch?

To a large degree, this is a consideration of aesthetic preference, but keep in mind that mulches that are dyed (usually black or red) can be of unknown and unreliable sources. Although most elements used to die mulch is free from poisonous chemicals, this is not a guarantee unless you know the source. Dyed mulches can also rob the soil of important nutrients that the mulch uses to break down over time, leaving the soil depleted of these elements (mostly nitrogen). And finally, mulches are often used as a moisture-retaining element. Dark or black dyed mulches heat up significantly more than natural mulch, and water therefore evaporates much more quickly, defeating one of the main purposes of mulching.

What do you need to quote me on a mulch of pea gravel pad?

Just some basic information, including:

  • The installation area width and length;
  • The number and size of raised beds being placed within that area (that saves on the amount of mulch/gravel required)
  • Are there are any obstructions along the path used to access the installation area (stairs, for instance)?
  • Are there any in-ground obstructions we should know about such as irrigation lines or electrical lines for landscaped lighting?
  • Oh, and of course, which material you’d like us to use.
What do you need to know in order to quote on a custom raised garden bed?

There are a number of variables that will inform us as to what features you’ll need on your custom bed. For instance, where is it being installed – on a second floor deck or on a ground-level patio? Would you like the bed to be on wheels so it can be moved now and again (for instance, to access storage under your porch, or to chase the sun throughout the season on your deck). Often times, it’s best to contact us by phone to discuss your particular requirements.



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