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Throw your Garden a Compost Tea Party

| Debbie |
This summer we’re experimenting with brewing compost tea for our plants. In a nutshell, compost tea is a concoction of compost diluted in aerated water. This was something we learned about while ta…

My Top 10 Cold Hardy Veggies

| Arlene |
Don’t Wait for May 2-4. Start Your Veggie Garden Now! How early in the season can a vegetable garden be planted? Early! You might be surprised to learn that there are many vegetables like peas, ka…

Thinking about Raised Garden Beds? Consider Your Grade.

| Marc |
Amongst many factors, the grade, or slope of your yard is an important consideration in determining the height of your raised garden beds. This time of year, we’re getting loads of inquiries about…


| Arlene |
Notifications from Mother Nature There seem to be multiple hashtags for every day of the week, so I don’t know if Mindful Mondays is already “a thing” or if I’m starting a “new thing”. (A quick…

What to plant? Make a plan!

| Arlene |
“Planning the design is the single most important thing we can do before putting anything in place.” Bill Mollison, the father of Permaculture Early spring is a time when Seedy Saturd…

Spring Forward & Grow Your Own

| Arlene |
All you need is a pot, a seed, a quality growing medium,light, water, love and the seed will do the rest.   Why grow seedlings? Start heat lovers indoors … For a late summer harvest …
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