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Thinking Outside the Foodbank Box

| Marc |
I remember volunteering at a local food bank some years ago, working at the donation counter and coming face to face with people who could only put food on the table by coming in once a week. They…

Tool Care and Safety

| Marc |
TOOL /tuːl/1) (noun) a device or implement, especially one held in the hand, used to carry out a particular function.2) (noun, slang) someone who lacks the capacity to realize they are being used …

Tool Time

| Marc |
Tool Time segment in Home Improvements. Source: The Wrap “Tool Time”, a heavily over-used term thanks to the popular sitcom “Home Improvements”, remains nonetheless, the appropriate heading for…

On Gratitude and Silver Linings

| Marc | ,
This year, the infamous 2020, has offered little to cheer about. If years were clouds, this one would be pretty dark. At times like this, it is important to regularly take stock of all things posit…

From Home to Homestead – Growing your own Urban Farm

A homestead in the city? I can almost see Groucho. Maybe so, but the urban homestead is quite real, if not yet popular. So, what is a homestead? We all know what a home is – a place where you live…

Why Garden in Raised Beds?

BUFCO’s Signature Raised Beds “My back is killing me, and my knees hurt!” “My soil is all clay – I could spin a pot with it!” …

Author: Marc

Marc (he/him) is a meticulous project manager with a focus on customer service excellence and is driven by his desire to deliver product and services that meet or surpass the highest expectations. Marc is an avid outdoors enthusiast, loves wilderness camping, canoeing, and fishing. He also has a deep connection with music, spending his spare time playing guitar and piano. “Nature is medicine for the spirit. Music is medicine for the soul.”


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