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Purging Pipes: The Who What When Where Why and How

| Marc | ,
I hate to say it, but frost is almost here, and freezing temperatures are next. Winter, so they say, is coming. Don’t worry, though. Spring is only five months away. Five…months… Here’s the thing a…

Life with Chickens: Expanding BUFCO’s Urban Farm

| Marc |
To cross or not to cross? Question: Why did the chicken cross the road? Answer: There is no right answer. Now that we’ve gott…

What to do with all that Garlic?

| Marc |
So you’ve harvested all your garlic, and it’s curing in a nice, cool, dry place. Maybe you’re eating some that’s fresh from the ground (I hope so!) And once again, you’re looking at your too-large …

A Client Inspired Product

Last month one of BUFCO’s long-standing Toronto clients had us design and implement a landscape that is beyond our usual comfort zone. The work took us happily and excitedly down a new path. We rem…

Plant Life: Vertical Living vs. Garden Sprawl

| Marc |
Where do you live? Not what town, city or Rural Road, but rather, in a condominium or apartment building? A sprawling ranch house property? Basement rental or a cozy little row home? Or perhaps a m…

Thinking about Raised Garden Beds? Consider Your Grade.

| Marc |
Amongst many factors, the grade, or slope of your yard is an important consideration in determining the height of your raised garden beds. This time of year, we’re getting loads of inquiries about…

Author: Marc

Marc (he/him) is a meticulous project manager with a focus on customer service excellence and is driven by his desire to deliver product and services that meet or surpass the highest expectations. Marc is an avid outdoors enthusiast, loves wilderness camping, canoeing, and fishing. He also has a deep connection with music, spending his spare time playing guitar and piano. “Nature is medicine for the spirit. Music is medicine for the soul.”


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