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Autumn brings all sorts of gardening opportunities, from amending depleted soil to planting garlic for a 2023 harvest and putting your garden to bed. We help you extend your season with our hoop tunnel kits and provide organic straw mulch to feed and protect your soil for the coming winter. Order now for pick up or delivery.

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    Attention garlic lovers! Why buy grocery store garlic that’s grown half way around the world when you can grow your own right here at home? It’s an easy-to-grow, low maintenance crop that produces two harvests – first the edible flower stalk (called a garlic scape) in early June, and then the fat, juicy bulb in late July to early August. Want to know more? Read our blog.


    Variety “Music” is a hard neck garlic that offers a juicy medium-strong flavour, stores incredibly well, and offers up 4-6, awesomely large cloves for easy peeling.

    Garlic Planting Kit

    Garlic Planting Kits include everything you need to plant 2 square feet of garlic: three bulbs of hard neck seed garlic (Music variety), an 800g bag of Jocelyn’s Soil Booster, straw much, bird netting and 6 garden staples.


    Soil Amendments

    Soil is more than just dirt. It is complex ecosystem, a community of living organisms that relies on a variety of symbiotic, mutually beneficial relationships that occur between fungi, bacteria, insects, plants, and nematodes. Each individual plays an important role in maintaining the health of the community as a whole. And each organism has needs very similar to our own: food to eat, water to drink and air to breathe. We constantly strive to create growing environments that foster these vital relationships and so we recommend feeding your soil in the spring and fall with a good quality compost and protecting the soil through the winter with organic straw mulch.

    All products and inputs we use have been rigorously sourced, thoroughly tested and approved for organic growing.

    Better World Plant Food

    Better World is a certified organic soil amendment and plant food, 100% Insect Frass (a.k.a. insect poop!)

    Jocelyn's Soil Booster

    Use a little, grow a lot. Natural biofertilizer for your indoor and outdoor plants and vegetables

    Potting Mix

    Potting mix fortified with 30% worm castings.

    Organic Straw Bale

    Straw is used in edible gardens as mulch to retain moisture in the soil, suppress weeds, nourish the soil as it breaks down and decomposes, and reduce soil erosion. Please contact us to inquire about delivery of straw bales.

    Purelife Worm Castings

    This bag contains what farmers refer to as “black gold”. There are no fillers here, only 100% pure earthworm castings certified for use in organic agriculture by Pro-Cert Organic Systems and OMRI listed.


    Garden Accessories

    Bamboo Hoops

    Our custom-made bamboo hoop are designed for use with our critter barriers, hoop tunnel kits and any other garden application you can think of. Two hoops fit perfectly across a four-foot wide garden bed.

    Critter Barrier Kit

    A Critter Barrier consists of a series of custom-made bamboo hoops overtop of which is draped a large piece of bird netting. The netting is held in place by hooking it on to a series of screws that are placed around the top of your raised bed, or, for in-ground gardens, with the use of garden staples. Although nothing is fool proof, we have found these Critter Barriers to be highly effective!

    Grow Table

    Grow Tables measures 1′ x 3′. Water drains through cleverly designed hollow legs while snug-fitting tray (optional) protects your floors for indoor use. Our Grow Table Kits include potting mix and landscape cloth to keep potting soil in place while allowing for optimal water drainage.

    Microgreen Kit

    Microgreens are simple to grow indoors all season long with BUFCO DIY Kits that include everything you need to get started.



    Perennial seedlings you can plant outside now, or keep indoors over the winter!

    Strawberry, Alpine

    Perennial. Tangy berries taste like wild strawberries but are larger, compact & runnerless plants, everbearing. 1 plant per 4″ pot.

    Lavender, Ellagance

    Perennial. bushy, uniform plants flower in 1st year, deep purple flowers on large, dense spikes, winter hardy.

    Sage, Garden Ceres

    Perennial. Culinary herb used to season meats, sauces & stuffings.

    Thyme, English

    Perennial. Classic culinary & ornamental herb.


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