Garden Planning, Planting, Maintenance

We can sow seeds and plant seedlings for you according to a personalized garden plant that we create for you.
We also love to plant together with our clients.
We can water, weed, troubleshoot, harvest and maintain your veggie garden.
We can visit weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or as often as you wish.

Organic Vegetable Gardening Services

For in-ground and raised bed gardens

Gardening season runs from April to November

Garden Planning

You tell us what you like to eat and we’ll develop a personalized planting plan that produces beautiful, bountiful harvests, and that suits your palate and the conditions of your garden. Our garden plans encompass organic methodologies that include crop rotation and companion planting in order to stay one step ahead of pests and diseases, and to enhance crop flavor and attract beneficial and pollinating insects.

From $100

Garden Planting

Your garden will be prepared and planted by our expert, two-person crew who will take care of everything needed to ensure a successful garden. Early plantings include cold hardy crops such as peas, radish, onions, spinach, kale, arugula, and more, followed by heat lovers such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, squash, and beans. During every visit, we water, weed, mulch, and feed your garden as necessary. We can also establish hoop tunnels for season extension. Critter barriers and shade cloth can be added for crop protection. Typical gardens of roughly 60 square feet require two planting visits of one to two hours per visit.

$160 per hour, one hour minimum

Garden Maintenance

Your garden will be lovingly and expertly tended by our two-person crew who will take care of everything needed to ensure a beautiful garden and many bountiful harvests. We will water, weed, feed, stake, prune, trellis, harvest, reseed, and replant as necessary, and trouble shoot common garden pests, diseases, and soil and plant deficiencies. Typical gardens of roughly 60 square feet require biweekly maintenance visits of one to two hours per visit.

Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly or Occasional service $160 per hour, one hour minimum

Garden Coaching

For gardeners of all experience levels, we offer on-site, personalized, one-on-one coaching on everything from garden planning and planting, to maintenance, trouble shooting, and finding organic solutions to garden pests, diseases, plant and soil deficiencies.

$100 per hour, two hour minimum

Materials and HST not included

Certified Organic Seedlings

All BUFCO gardens start with certified organic seedlings grown by Vera Top at Trout Lily Farm, and cared for by us in our own greenhouse. We supply many unique varieties of heirloom tomatoes, hot and sweet peppers, delicious eggplant, sweet and spicy basils, edible flowers, and all your favourite perennial herbs like rosemary, thyme, sage, oregano, parsley, and so much more. For a full list click here.

$5.25 for annuals; $5.50 for perennials

Organic, Open Pollinated, Heirloom and Hybrid Seed

BUFCO maintains a diverse and colorful collection of seed supplied by local seed growers. All our seed suppliers have taken the Safe Seed Pledge, a promise to ensure the protection of a safe and genetically stable seed source for future generations.

$1, $2, $4 per square foot as required

Accessories and Amendments

Hoop Tunnel/Critter
Barrier Kit:
2 tunnels $89.00 (4’x8’)
1 tunnel:   $49.00 (2’x8’)
Critter Barrier Kit:   $50.00
Bamboo Hoops:   $5 each
Tomato Spirals:   $8 each
Bamboo stakes:   $10 each large, $5 each small
Floating Row Cover Kit:   $20
(8 garden staples, 5’x10’ floating row cover)


Custom Built Trellis Starting from $80 per hour plus materials


Jocelyn’s Soil Booster
(worm manure):
$20 per 2 litre bag
Certified Organic Vermicompost:  
$25 per 20 litre bag
Liquid Kelp Fertilizer:   $5 per application, per bed
Sea Minerals:   $5 per application, per bed
Better World Plant Food:   $3 per application per bed
Actisol Chicken Manure:   $4 per application per bed
Better World Plant Food:   $30 per one litre bag
Better World Plant Food:   $21 per half litre bag


HST not included

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