Certified Organic Seedlings

All BUFCO gardens start with certified organic seedlings grown by our colleagues Sophie Clark and Vera Top at Trout Lily Farm. We carry many unique varieties of heirloom tomatoes, hot and sweet peppers, delicious eggplant, sweet and spicy basils, edible flowers and all your favourite perennial herbs like rosemary, thyme, sage, oregano, parsley, and much more.

Pick up at one of our Toronto Farmers’ Market locations:

Ottawa Street Farmers’ Market, Hamilton. April 27 to June 15, 8am to 3pm
Kensington Market Pop-up, May 18 and 25, 9am to 3p, corner of Nassau and Bellevue
Withrow Park, June 1 to 15, 9am to 1pm

Leslieville Farmers’ Market, May 12 to June 9, 8am to 2pm
Kensington Market Pedestrian Sunday Market, noon to 7pm, corner of Nassau and Bellevue

Sick Kids Farmers’ Market, April 23 to June 11, 8am to 2pm (University Ave. entrance to the hospital)

Nathan Phillips Square Farmers’ Market (Toronto City Hall), May 29 to June 13, 8am to 2:30pm

North York Farmers’ Market, Mel Lastman Square (former North York City Hall), May 23 to June 13, 8am to 2pm
Building Roots Pop-up, 134 Peter St. May 23 and June 6, 11am to 2pm

BUFCO HQ in Roncesvalles Village. Please call (647) 290-2572 to make an appointment.

$5.25 for annuals; $5.50 for perennials each plus HST

Arlene and Vera

Arlene with Vera Top and all her babies.

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OUR SEEDLINGS for 2019: (P) = Perennial


Arugula - spicy, cool weather green lends rich taste to salads, 25-30 days
Broccoli, Gypsy (hybrid) - medium-size blue-green heads, produces side shoots after main head is cut, heat tolerant, 70 days
Cabbage, Farao (hybrid) - early season variety, forms dense 3-4 lb heads, holds well in summer heat, 63 days
Cauliflower, Minuteman (hybrid) - produces 2-3 lb dense, white heads with good leaf cover, 53 days
Celery, Utah - good home garden variety, tall, dark green stalks, hilling encourages more tender stalks, 90-130 days
Chard, Ruby Red (heirloom) - crumpled leaves with bright red stalks & veins, prolific plants, 30 days baby leaf, 60 days full size


Marketmore - standard field cucumber with dark green, 8" fruits, very productive, disease tolerant, 65 days
Sumter Pickling – A BUFCO favorite! Firm, tasty pickles are good for fresh eating or pickling, 55 days


Diamond - very prolific & early producer of medium-size, dark purple fruits, mild flavour & creamy texture, 70 days
Little Finger - very tasty, small, Asian-style slender fruits with black glossy skin, harvest when young & tender, 60 days
Pingtung - long, slender, dark lavender-coloured, Asian eggplant, creamy flesh & mild flavour, heavy producer, 65 days


Kale, Dinosaur (heirloom) - tender leaves, dates back to the 18th century, 30 days baby leaf, 60 days full size
Kale, Vates Curled Blue - standard curly kale, compact 2' plants are very hardy, 30 days baby leaf, 50 days full size

Leek, Hannibal - vigorous with 6", heavy white shafts & upright green-blue leaves, mild onion flavour, 85 days


Green Butterhead (Sylvesta) - large, medium-green heads with flavourful interior, heat tolerant, 52 days full size
Green Romaine (Aerostar) - dark green, smooth leaves, grows well all season, disease resistant, 55 days full size
Lettuce Mix - purchase a mix of green leaf, red leaf, red oak leaf, and romaine or butterhead lettuce all in one pot
Red Leaf (New Red Fire) - terrific, full size leaf lettuce, ruffled red leaves atop a bright green base, 55 days full size
Red Oak Leaf - bronze-tinged, oak-shaped leaf, heat tolerant, grows well in all seasons, 60 days full size


Onion, Evergreen Bunching - hardy bunching onion produces strong green tops, can let some overwinter & divide in second year to produce new crop
Onion, Cabernet Red (hybrid) - early red storage onion, glossy skin & beautiful red interior rings, 105 days
Onion, Sturon Yellow - large bulbs, strong skins & tight necks, good storage variety , 110 days

Pac Choy, Prize - White vase-shaped, succulent stems and tender greens. Great for kimchi or stir-fries, 50 days


Cayenne, Ring-O-Fire - produces many bright red, long, very hot peppers, ideal for cooking & drying, 45 days to green, 60 days red
Chinese Five Colour - fiery hot peppers turn from purple to cream, yellow, orange & red, an edible feast for the eyes
Hungarian Hot Wax - Abundant yields of medium hot, tapering fruits, ideal for pickling, roasting & frying, yellow to red, 70 days
Jalapeño - blunt-shaped peppers mature early, dark green 65 days, red 85 days, medium heat
Poblano - a mild, larger chili pepper, for stuffing, dried or in sauces, often harvested when green, 68 days green, 88 days red
Serrano - long, blunt peppers, harvest when green or red, very productive plants, moderate heat between Jalapeño & Cayenne


Ace (hybrid) - extra early, three-lobed bell pepper, a favourite of ours for productivity & flavour, green to red, 55 days
Bright Star (hybrid) - blocky 3-4", crisp, bright fruits with sweet flavour, green to orange, 73 days
Doe Hill (heirloom) - early, sweet & extremely productive, small peppers turn from green to golden orange, 65 days
Lipstick - Sheppard-type, cone-shaped pepper with superb flavour, thick & juicy, 53 days green, 73 days red

Spinach, Regiment - giant-leaf type packs on weight, medium green finish, bolt resistant, 37 days


Acorn, Table Queen (winter) - vigorous variety with prolific yields of 1.5-2 lb fruits, thick, light orange flesh with excellent flavour, compact 3-4’ vines, stores well into winter, 92 days
Butternut, Waltham (winter) - 4-5 lb fruits with smooth, easy to peel tan skin & orange flesh, keeps into winter if cured, 105 days
Sunburst Patty Pan (summer) (hybrid) - bright yellow, scalloped squash, compact, high-yielding plants, 50 days

Tomatillo - a staple in Mexican foods, harvest when husk loosens & fruit turns pale yellow, 70 days


Black Cherry (heirloom) - purple tinged 1" fruits with sweet, mouth-watering, rich flavour, early, indeterminate
Gold Nugget - sweet, open-pollinated, 1" yellow cherry tomatoes, resistant to cracking, early season, determinate
Indigo Rose - stunning purple-red, very dark fruits, with lovely flavour, high in antioxidants, mid-late season, indeterminate
Peacevine - delicious red cherry tomatoes in clusters on prolific plants, mid-season, indeterminate
Sun Sugar (hybrid) - golden fruits with unparalleled sweetness & flavour, high in Vit. A, early & indeterminate
Yellow Pear (heirloom) - pear-shaped, sweet yellow fruits, low in acid, very productive, mid-season variety, indeterminate


Black Plum (heirloom) - mid-season, oval 2" fruits with dark colour & rich flavour, great for sauces & salads, indeterminate
Roma - disease resistant plum tomato, heavy yields of thick-walled fruit with deep red color & mild flavour, determinate
San Marzano (heirloom) - the classic Italian oblong tomato, meaty with minimal seeds makes it ideal for sauces, indeterminate


Big Beef (hybrid) - excellent flavour, large, smooth red fruits, disease resistant, mid-season, indeterminate
Black Krim (heirloom) - dark, red-purple skin & flesh, lovely full flavour, medium to large fruits, mid to late season, indeterminate
Black Prince (heirloom) - orange-red, uniform fruits with brown shoulders, approx. 3", rich flavour, early season, indeterminate
Black Sea Man (heirloom) - medium-sized, brownish-red fruits, delicious rich flavour, early to mid-season, determinate
Bonny Best (heirloom) - popular home garden variety, medium size fruit with old-fashioned flavour, mid-season, indeterminate
Brandywine, Red (heirloom) - large, tasty & juicy beefsteak-type tomato, indeterminate, mid to late season, potato-leaf foliage
Cosmonaut Volkov (heirloom) - taste-test winning Ukrainian variety, great blend of sweet & tart, mid-size red fruits, early season, indeterminate, very productive
Defiant (hybrid) - mid-size red slicer with great taste, highly productive plants have high and moderate resistance to late & early blight respectively, mid-season, determinate
Earl of Edgecombe (heirloom) - lovely 3-inch round, mango-coloured fruits, meaty with fruity flavour, indeterminate
Green Zebra (heirloom) - tangy, green fruits with dark stripes, pick when fruit has a yellowish hue, mid-season, indeterminate
Old German (heirloom) - large yellow & red mottled tomatoes with full, fruity flavour, mid to late season, indeterminate

TOMATO RECOMMENDATION: For container planting of tomatoes, choose shorter/more compact, determinate varieties. Indeterminate refers to taller vining varieties.


Green (Midnight Lightning) - sturdy plants yield long, slender, dark-green zucchinis, disease resistant, 55 days
Yellow (Golden Delight) - beautiful dark yellow zucchinis, high-yielding, disease-resistant plants, 52 days



Dark Opal - deep purple leaves & stems, lilac flowers, excellent as a garnish, in salads or for adding to basil vinegars
Genovese – standard sweet pesto basil, heavy yields of glossy leaves
Lime - distinct lime flavour & scent, vigorous, bushy plant, try it with fish, in dressings or in Asian dishes
Thai - vigorous, anise flavoured plants, used in a wide range of Thai, Vietnamese & other cuisines
Chives, Garlic (P) - delicate garlic flavour, edible white flowers
Chives, Regular (P) - adds mild onion flavour to salads, meats & soups, edible purple flowers
Cilantro (Coriander), Calypso - most bolt resistant variety, easy to grow & tolerates cool weather
Dill, Hera - essential pickling herb, edible seeds & greens flavour many foods, an improved slow-bolting variety
Lavender, Ellagance (P) - bushy, uniform plants flower in 1st year, deep purple flowers on large, dense spikes, winter hardy

Lavender, Munstead (P) - fragrant & winter hardy, compact, bushy habit, violet-purple flowers appear early in season
Mint, Black Peppermint (P) - strong peppermint for use in tea & a variety of dishes, refreshing scent
Mint, Chocolate (P) - lovely, clean-tasting mint with no aftertaste, discriminating noses & palates may note a hint of chocolate…
Mint, Spearmint (P) - lovely spearmint flavour and scent, use fresh, dried or frozen
Oregano, Greek (P) - use fresh or dried in tomato sauces, marinades or on pizza
Parsley, Curly - curled leaves are great for garnishes, salads & cooking
Parsley, Italian - flat, glossy leaves, strong flavoured for use fresh or dried
Sage, Garden (P) - culinary herb used to season meats, sauces & stuffings
Thyme, English (P) - classic culinary & ornamental herb, use fresh or dried to season meats, vegetables, soups & sauces


Ground Cherry - aka Cape Gooseberry, ½- ¾" sweet golden berries in papery husks, prolific plants, eat fruits raw or freeze, dry, can, make into preserves and desserts, 75 days
Strawberry, Alpine (P) - tangy berries taste like wild strawberries but are larger, compact & runnerless plants, everbearing
Strawberry, Temptation (P) - compact with few runners, great in hanging baskets, 1½" berries, larger than Alpine, everbearing


Nasturtium, Empress of India - dark foliage & red flowers, blooms have a mild spicy flavour, peppery tasting foliage
Pansy, Mulberry Shades - rich rust & purple shades with yellow centres, tolerates hot & cold weather better than other pansies


Marigold, French - double gold, yellow & red blossoms, insect-repelling properties, great planted with tomatoes.

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