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Why Arlene Hazzan Green Traded the Glitz of Film for Gardening

In a previous life — having worked in the film business for 30 years with her husband, Marc — Arlene Hazzan Green was an award-winning screenwriter and director. Until a chance viewing of “The End of Suburbia,” a Canadian documentary about the demise of the oil industry, changed the world as she knew it.

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A Fresh Start after The End of Suburbia



Greenpeace Podcast: Organic Gardening 101



"Tuned In with Lucy Zilio" for OMNI Television and CITY TV March 2013

OMNI TV and City TV personality Lucy Zilio’s quick hit with Arlene

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Yonge Street on line magazine January 8, 2012

Out Of The Film Studio And Back To The Land

In the 2004 documentary The End of Suburbia, by Toronto filmmaker Gregory Greene, a number of experts illustrate how the depletion of oil cannot sustain our current infrastructures and lifestyles.

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Toronto Star article May 18, 2012

Urban Farmers Get Growing in Parkale

It’s springtime in Parkdale, Toronto’s colourful west-end community, home to hipsters, artists, low-income families, newcomers, young professionals and... farmers.

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Neighbourhood Living Magazine June 2012 - present

Regularly contributed articles to Neighbourhood Living Magazine from Marc and Arlene

Five years ago, Marc Green and Arlene Hazzan Green converted their tiny backyard in Roncesvalles Village into an edible oasis, sparking a transformation that took even them by surprise...

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Ming Pao Toronto Magazine March 6, 2011

We can’t read it either, but hey, we’re in Chinese! Cool!

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Torontoist Nov. 17, 2011

Freshness in Frosty Times

As we, the people of Toronto, start to bury our faces in our scarves and huddle a little closer together in bus shelters, one crowd remains admirably unfazed by the winter — our gardeners.

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City Bites Magazine Sept. 2010 – Sept. 2013

Enjoy articles from Marc and Arlene, contributing writers with City Bites Magazine

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CBC Fresh Air with Karen Gordon March 27, 2010

Join Marc and Arlene with CBC Radio Fresh Air Guest Host Karen Gordon

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